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Colleyville based non-profit, Chance to Soar, announces new training opportunities for local teachers!

Chance to Soar was created by lifelong educators, Dr. Andra Barton and Mrs. Aletha Scheck.  Their experience and expertise has led them to create customized teacher training programs for schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Each training program is designed by experienced educators for educators, to fit the needs of each individual school.  The Chance to Soar approach is to provide educators with fun, timely, and relevant teaching techniques that are proven to inspire teachers and their students. Chance to Soar's custom teacher training programs include: Team Building in the Classroom, Effective Engagement with Games, Teaching from Your Strengths, Goal Setting, Grit & Growth Mindset, and Recipe for Classroom Joy. 

For more information about customizing a training program, visit

Chance to Soar also provides students in the DFW area with unique learning opportunities that inspire curiosity and wonder to help them visualize a future of unlimited possibilities. Their goal is to teach students how to be bold enough and brave enough to reach out and grab an opportunity when it comes along. So many students like to stay in their own comfort zone because they fear the consequences of failure. They let opportunities pass them by, opting to play it safe instead. Teaching students that learning and growing involves taking risks is Chance to Soar's mission.

Students can apply for a 'chance' here:


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