Warrior Angels Foundation Utilizes Tech & Crowdfunding to Treat Affected…FOR FREE

V.A. Treatment Solved by Green Beret With TBI

The Warrior Angels Foundation is a 501 3(c) run by Andrew Marr, a medically retired 1st Special Forces Group Green Beret who suffered multiple combat related Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) in 2013. The Warrior Angels Foundation has partnered with Dr. Mark L. Gordon, M.D. of Millennium Health-­TBI to provide cutting edge medical technology for Veterans affected by TBI with access to a no cost personalized treatment protocol using individualized assessments, supported by evidence-based diagnostics to pinpoint and treat the underlying condition.

On September 11, 2015, the foundation launched a campaign with IndieGoGo crowdfunding to provide no cost treatment for their wait list of over 400 Veterans who have suffered service related TBI’s since 9/11. The Warrior Angels Foundation's hope is also to inform the other 459,600 Veterans who have suffered a TBI since 9/11, that there is a solution and a cure. 

Dr. Mark L. Gordon and the Warrior Angels Foundation have formed a partnership to revolutionize the devastating impact of traumatic brain injury on our Veterans. Dr. Gordon’s clinical approach is changing the way we think about traumatic brain injuries, their symptoms – and how to treat them effectively. The website link below provides more information on Warrior Angels Foundation and Dr. Gordon’s clinical approach to diagnose and treat TBI.

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