BL: Why are you running for Colleyville City Council?

Bullock:  Very simply, I want to serve my city.  I’ve lived here for 26 years, and I love the town and I love the people. The future of Colleyville is bright.  We are unique in our country atmosphere, yet we are in the middle of a vibrant Metroplex.   I feel I can be a positive leader to help make our community even better.

BL:  If elected, what will be your primary topics of interest?

Bullock:  One area of focus is our sidewalk and trail system. Sidewalks are not only a safety issue; they also give folks the opportunity to get outside, get some exercise, meet their neighbors and maybe even take some cars off the streets.
We also have to think about our water infrastructure and economic stewardship. A recent engineering study estimated Colleyville will spend $50 million over the next few years on water infrastructure. I support policies that balance the desire to keep water rates low with the need to set money aside for water infrastructure needs of the future.
A third area is Economic Development.  If we want to keep property taxes low, we need to develop other sources of income.  This includes retaining existing businesses as well as bringing in new ones. 

BL: What are your main qualifications for City Council?

Bullock:  I think there are three:

Business experience – I have 38 years of business experience. I’ve worked for large companies, and have started two successful small businesses, focusing on IT consulting.  I know what it takes to meet a payroll and to work face-to-face with people who don’t always agree. 

Record of Service – I served as a Minuteman Nuclear Missile Officer in the US Air Force.  During my 26 years in Colleyville I have served in many civic organizations including the Colleyville Rotary Club (President), the Grapevine-Colleyville Education Foundation (President), Colleyville Executive Organization (Chairman), North Texas Shield Foundation (Board of Directors), Colleyville Chamber of Commerce, Colleyville Center Advisory Committee, Leadership Colleyville, and as a band and drill team booster. I feel I can do even more as a City Council member to make our community better.

Positive Relationships – During my 26 years in Colleyville, I believe I am known as someone who works hard, gets along with everyone, and has a sense of humor.  I am friends with people across the political spectrum, not just folks who agree with me. I hope to bring people together in a spirit of community and cooperation.

BL: Has there been anything about running for office that has surprised you? 

Bullock:  I’ve been surprised by the degree to which people on supposedly “different sides” of issues actually agree when you sit down and talk with them.   Most people are very reasonable and open to compromise.  Social media has its advantages, but you can’t replace a handshake and face-to-face conversation.

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