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North Texas Giving Day (9.19.19) is just around the corner.  Dallas based non-profits like Chance to Soar, rely heavily on donations received on this very special day of giving in North Texas.

Chance to Soar provides students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with unique learning opportunities that inspire curiosity and wonder to help them visualize a future of unlimited possibilities. Chance to Soar inspires students to be bold enough and brave enough to reach out and grab a chance when it presents itself. Chance to Soar recognizes that an exemplary school environment is critical to student success and works with administrators and teachers to create schools that help students achieve their goals.

Donations on North Texas Giving Day are essential to help us continue to create unique learning experiences for students through classes, camps, and shadowing/mentoring opportunities.

Please watch this quick one-minute video about how YOU can personally help local students SOAR on North Texas Giving Day:

Students: Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, if someone would only give you the chance?  Whether it’s an adventure you want to begin or an interest you want to explore, this is your chance to create your own opportunity to learn! If you are a student between the ages of 5-20, and you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we’d love to hear from you.  Tell us about your dream at

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Nominate your school to receive the Royal Treatment from Chance to Soar!

Chance to Soar is giving YOU the chance to pay it forward by honoring a local school. Starting in September, Chance to Soar will adopt a different school each month! The winning school will be showered the entire month with goodness, joy, excitement, and fun surprises.

The adopted school then gets to pay it forward by nominating the school for the following month, throughout the 2019-2020 school year. 

Anyone can nominate a school and pay it forward!  Share with teachers, friends, students, and parents to help spread the word, this is YOUR chance to give back to a deserving school!

To nominate a school or multiple schools in the DFW area, go to the Chance to Soar Facebook page: then TAG your school in the comments in the post at the top of the page.  

Chance to Soar will select the first school at the end of August!

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Colleyville based non-profit, Chance to Soar, announces new training opportunities for local teachers!

Chance to Soar was created by lifelong educators, Dr. Andra Barton and Mrs. Aletha Scheck.  Their experience and expertise has led them to create customized teacher training programs for schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Each training program is designed by experienced educators for educators, to fit the needs of each individual school.  The Chance to Soar approach is to provide educators with fun, timely, and relevant teaching techniques that are proven to inspire teachers and their students. Chance to Soar's custom teacher training programs include: Team Building in the Classroom, Effective Engagement with Games, Teaching from Your Strengths, Goal Setting, Grit & Growth Mindset, and Recipe for Classroom Joy. 

For more information about customizing a training program, visit

Chance to Soar also provides students in the DFW area with unique learning opportunities that inspire curiosity and wonder to help them visualize a future of unlimited possibilities. Their goal is to teach students how to be bold enough and brave enough to reach out and grab an opportunity when it comes along. So many students like to stay in their own comfort zone because they fear the consequences of failure. They let opportunities pass them by, opting to play it safe instead. Teaching students that learning and growing involves taking risks is Chance to Soar's mission.

Students can apply for a 'chance' here: