The Colleyville Cowboys was founded by former Dallas Cowboy and Superbowl XXX MVP Larry Brown with the purpose of bringing communities together through the love of sports. We are committed to providing all youth with the highest quality education and team experience through sports participation. The Cowboys offer a variety of select sports opportunities for both boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 14. Sports include Football, Cheer and Dance, Basketball, Soccer, and Track& Field.

All athletes are treated with respect and are given the opportunity to experience growth in the areas of, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, fair play, and skill development. The goal is to create a positive environment that improves self-confidence and self-esteem through experiences in sports activities.
Our Pledge

Integrity – The Cowboys organization understands that coaching is more than a playbook and telling athletes what to do. Coaching is building relationships with athletes to work together to develop and continually strengthen their unique abilities.

Discipline – We recognize that each athlete’s goals vary; however, athletes of all levels must develop a disciplined lifestyle in order to achieve their goals. Discipline is a skill that can be learned. We provide the right structure to develop a disciplined lifestyle necessary to reach goals and maintain a healthy and balanced life.

Excellence – Personal and professional fulfillment can only be obtained through the pursuit of excellence. We are committed to pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Empowerment – We believe that each of us reach our full potential when we are empowered to make decisions and grow from the outcome. Our staff, coaches and athletes are empowered to make the necessary decisions that enable them to fulfill personal and professional goals while accomplishing our organization’s mission.

Determination – Achieving goals requires determination. We refuse to allow the challenges of life to hinder our pursuit of fulfilling our mission. Our determination to accomplish our mission will inspire others to persevere and achieve their life’s mission.

Accountability – We are accountable to the high standards and principles we base our organization on. Our athletes, the communities we serve and organizations that support us have high expectations of performance. We hold these expectations in high regard and are accountable to continually do our best to fulfill those expectations.
Colleyville Cowboys Select Football 7-on-7 Registration is Now Open Call 817-723-5601 or email coach Brown at lbrown2424@yahoo.com for more information...
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